Urinary Tract Microbiome Testing (UTM)

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Urinary Tract Microbiome Molecular Testing is the gold standard in Urology testing today.
The Soft Cell Laboratories Urinary Tract Microbiome Test is a comprehensive test that gives an in-depth
analysis of urinary tract health. The organisms found in the urinary tract can affect many aspects of day-to-
day life.

Most Accurate & Fastest Testing Option for Complex UTIs (Urinary Tract Infection)

  • Fast TAT (Turn Around Time) – typically within 48 hours of sample receipt
  • Accuracy of 100% and specificity of 99.59% compared to the traditional urine culture
  • Provides primary physicians with the ability to tailor medication to specific organisms
  • Reduces the progression of infection and the chance of hospitalization
  • Eliminates empirically treating and over-prescribing antibiotics
  • Easy-to-read reports.


Detects slow-growing or difficult-to-culture microorganisms when traditional methods often lead to ambiguous results. Utilizing real-time PCR techniques along with microorganism-specific assays, a molecular approach detects the presence of multiple microorganisms allowing appropriate courses of action to be designed.

Internal Validations

returned the following results across all assays and controls tested:

  • Analytical Accuracy 100 %
  • Analytical Specificity 99.59 %
  • Reproducibility 99.67 %
  • LODs 100 cfu / µl

Turn Around Time: approx. 48 hours
Pricing: $399 / test

Preferred Specimen
Random, clean catch, midstream urine collection in an unpreserved tube.

Alternative Specimen
The following alternative samples are acceptable when placed in a sterile, leak-proof tube:

  • in-dwelling catheter-collected urine,
  • unpreserved specimens less than 3 mL,
  • pediatric patients,
  • patients with renal abnormalities
  • long term care and/or pediatric difficult collections.

Minimum Volume
Unpreserved: 0.5 mL urine

Collection Instructions
Fill to the fill-line indicated on the tube label

Transport Container
Unpreserved urine transport tube

Compatible sample collection and storage
Collect urine samples using urine collection cups and tubes such as the BD™ Vacutainer™ urine
collection cups and tubes.

Compatible urine samples

  • Un-stabilized/un-preserved urine that is collected in sterile containers (BD™ Cat. No. 364975)
  • Urine that is collected and stored in Urine Analysis (UA) tubes (BD™ Cat. No. 364992)
  • (Optional) Store samples according to the instructions provided with the collection container or store at 4°C for up to one week.

Reject Criteria

  • Urine >3 mL with exception of pediatric specimens or from patients with renal abnormalities
  • Unpreserved, not refrigerated specimens
  • Foley tips
  • Specimens from catheter bag
  • Expired transport devices
  • 24-hour urine collections
  • Leaking samples
  • Swabs
  • Uri cult devices

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