Nail PCR Testing

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How can PCR nail testing help?

Traditional diagnosis for onychomycosis includes a microscopy and culture testing. Results can take up to two weeks. [1]

With Soft Cell Labs there is no need to wait. You’ll get fast and 99% accurate results for bacteria and fungus — within 24-48 hours of sample receipt.

We are experts in molecular diagnostic testing, a laboratory science that unites the precision of molecular biology with laboratory testing. Our focus is guided by PCR technology, which amplifies DNA found in small testing samples to ensure a sample is robust enough to drive testing accuracy.

PCR-based testing has been shown to increase sensitivity, specificity, and speed. A recent Journal of Medical Microbiology study found “PCR increased species-specific detection of dermatophytes by 21.1%, leading to a threefold increase as compared to culture alone.”

Diagnosing and treat nail infections quickly & efficiently.

By partnering with Soft Cell Labs, healthcare professionals can get quick, accurate results with one simple swab.

Our nail PCR Panel includes:

  • Detection of 30 Pathogens
  • 99% Accurate Results
  • Easy to Read Patient-Centric Reporting
  • Results within 24-48 Hours of Lab Receipt

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