Candida auris Testing

Candida auris (C. auris) is an emerging multidrug-resistant fungus that can spread easily in health care facilities.

Two of the main CDCs concern for this newer species of Candida are

  1. Identification – misidentification with standard laboratory methods may lead to inappropriate management
  2. Healthcare facility vulnerability – identifying C. auris quickly is critical to preventing spread

Common Misidentification of C. auris with other methods: 

PCR testing analyzes genetic material for Candida auris eliminating misidentification issues found with other methods.

Fast and Accurate

  • CDC states that “real-time PCR is a fast and accurate method for detecting C. auris.”
  • Eliminates misidentification issues
  • Eliminates long culture incubation times
  • Analysis is not affected by antifungal treatments in use.

Internal Validations

Analytical Accuracy 100 %
Analytical Specificity 100 %
Reproducibility 100 %
LoDs 200 cfu / reaction

Turn Around Time: approx. 48 hours

Pricing: $ 75 / test


A negative result does not rule out the presence of Candida auris since the organism may be present at levels below the limit of detection (LoD) for this assay.

This assay detects nucleic acids and cannot distinguish whether and organism is viable or not.

Sample Collection
Swabs are transported in collection containers with Amies liquid medium; received within 14 days of collection; refrigerated (preferred) or room temperature; collected from axilla, groin, nares or other suspected skin surface

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